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Enjoy the taste of well-being,
without compromise.

Our dining rooms are closed until further notice due to COVID-19.

You can still indulge your favorite LOV meals via take-out orders or on Uber Eats!

See you soon!



Want to take your chance in catering or keep taking gallon in the field to become a waiter? This bussboy/bussgirl position is for you!

** What awaits you :** * Super warm and invested team * Eco-responsible practices and top quality vegan cuisine * Opportunities of growth in restaurants or support centers, depending on your profile * Your grain of salt in a 100% Canadian success story

If you are : * Known for leaving no detail behind, both towards people and your environment * Optimistic and curious about the challenges and pitfalls ahead of you * Reliable and responsible (and proud to be) * Open to discover, you do not make judgments and want to include people * Always looking to develop your potential, your physical, mental and intellectual balance

** And that you're motivated by : ** * Taking care of people (our customers) * The excellence of a well received customer experience * Public education of the vegan cuisine and the inclusion of everyone in its discovery * The opportunity to offer a different, welcoming and comforting team service

The bussboy/bussgirl is the mainstay of the service team. He/She provides an impeccable hospitality, service and experience to the customers, paying attention to their every need and supporting the service team so that no details are left out. She takes the time to answer clients' questions in a caring and welcoming tone. Want to join us ? Apply Below !

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