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Enjoy the taste of well-being,
without compromise.

Due to the events surrounding COVID-19, the reservations are temporarily closed.

Table full of plates to share

Serving well-being



LOV speaks of a tasty and responsible plant-based cuisine which allows one to make choices that are healthful both for oneself and for the planet.

Our fast-fine restaurants offer a versatile ‘gourmand’ menu thanks to a collaborative know-how. LOV is an experience to be enjoyed in our radiant and benevolent atmosphere.


Primarily fun-oriented, our menu also happens to be vegan, because we firmly believe life is all about balance.

Hand holding freshly picked vegetables

We realize that many of the good things coming our way are often the fruit of external elements. This make us grateful to everyone taking part in our journey: customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

Hand shaking a skillet over an oven

We don’t play to win, we play for the long-run: improving and constantly exceeding our own expectations and those of our guests.

Dear clients, due to the events surrounding COVID-19, we are temporarily closed.

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